7 May 2017


The patrons and management of Kloma Hengme; the Krobo advocacy and heritage association wish to extend an invitation to all Krobo youth, development enthusiasts and the general public to our next social intervention program dubbed: the Kloma Hengme Rural Watch Program(KLOHERUWAP) at the Krobo village of Asinesi and its immediate surrounding hamlets.

The association will among other things:

1. Hold a durbar where the Dadematseme and their subjects will bring to the fore the true plight of the people regarding infrastructure and to prioritize their developmental needs.

2. Donate a myriad of items ranging from farm implements (wellington boots, spraying machines, cutlasses etc) education materials ( teaching and learning materials, desks, tables, exercise books and stationeries ) as well as distribute clothing (humanitarian welfare).

3. Give alternative livelihood skills by training the women in the preperation of liquid soap and pastries.

4. Begin a campaign to get the community clean water (Borehole/Covered Well) under a yet to be launched initiative (KH-CWI).

5. Collaborate with GES to get teachers posted to the community school as well as organize a voluntory teaching innitiative (TKP) to boost the quality of education. The first set of volunteers are ready. This is made up of a group of graduate teachers from Yilo Krobo secondary school (YIKROSEC).

Departure time from Akutunya-Somanya is 8.30am.

Join us to help make Kroboland and Ghana a better place for us all.

See you on Sunday!

For further enquiries call :
0244036651; 02437 12792; 024 565 0536; 024 838 9185

Or Whatsapp: 0243804684

Naa Adjeley Gbɔjɔɔ
Naa Adjeley Gbɔjɔɔ is a researcher of GaDangme History and Culture who is passionate about the preservation of her culture, traditions and heritage in the modern and increasingly globalised world community.